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Past filmmakers screened include:
Spike Jonze, Harmony Korine, David Lynch, Crispin Glover, Larry Clark, Bill Hader, Sofia Coppola, Ben Stiller, Chris Cunningham, Mark Borchardt, George Kuchar, Neill Blomkamp, Miranda July, Shaye Saint John, Peyton Reed, Michel Gondry, Joe Andoe, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, Clu Gulager, William Wegman, Martin Scorsese

Past bands include:
Broncho, Adult., Zig Zags, Aqueduct, Terminal A, Johnny Polygon, Sports, Planet What, The Koreatown Oddity, Manta Rays, Lizard Police, Katey Red, LCG & The X, Steph Simon, Helen Kelter Skelter, The Bourgeois, Mike Dee, Senior Fellows, Mr. Burns, Verse & The Vapors, The Riot Waves